#9 - How kind, indeed!

Comic #009

Too Obscure For You?

I’d better state this clearly: Savannah Vice is not an embodiment of Evil Princess Sara. Although the line “You must think a nihilistic bloodbath is very characteristic of Savannah” sounds like Fighter’s thoughts on Sara during the decapitation of the Giant, Savannah isn’t quite the menace she seems.

The cow’s skull in the fifth frame is a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe, appropriately titled “Cow’s Skull.” Here Savannah’s thinking that she, like the cow, is dead meat. There’s also a little bit of imagery as she imagines herself a beautiful corpse, adorned with flowers.

Standard punishment for disturbing the Forest of Fate is actually taken almost verbatim from the DVD warning to Excel Saga. Amusingly enough, you can hit the “Menu” button on your DVD players and skip past the warning. Also, the video files on the DVD aren’t even encrypted. Lord Ilpalazzo is in need of better DVD authors.

The TI-83 pictured has been modified to show the inner workings of Kavian’s brain. Processing the Forest of Fate punishment creates all sorts of errors.