#12 - It's all Greek to me

Comic #012

Too Obscure For You?

Aerimus Apprehender seems to have found himself in a world much like that of Greek legend and myth. The “beauty contest” he’s judging is between Artemus on the left, Aphrodite in the middle, and Hera on the right. Normally, the fair prince Paris would pick Aphrodite and win Helen, but Aerimus isn’t terribly bright… have you noticed?

Fifty points to anyone who can tell me which Final Fantasy games Savannah’s tasks for Kavian were stolen from. Okay, time’s up! In American numbering fashion, from left to right, it’s Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 7, and then all of ‘em. It’s the “Death Star” mentality of video game villains; build a big fortress with equally big ventilation ducts, and you’re just asking for trouble. Those of you used to sprite comics can probably identify Cloud there at the bottom right, sulking about his life and experiences.

Aerimus’ final mistake comes in the garden of King Midas, who could turn objects to gold by touching them. Just call Aerimus an eager beaver.