#19 - Meet the horniest couple on the planet

Comic #019

Too Obscure For You?

Bob and Sue are the copyright of my good friend Rohan, and not just because I’m writing this while he waits. They are the product of our high school system. Being bored in programming class, mainly. While we weren’t writing bizarre, 15-line BASIC screensavers, we would write about the romantic exploits of Bob and Sue.

Or rather, Rohan would write, and I would writhe. There isn’t a lot to Bob and Sue. The story goes as such: “It was a dark and stormy night. Bob and Sue were alone in the forest. ‘Ohh Bob!’ ‘Ohh Sue!’ And then the Tick jumped out from behind the bushes!” To be honest, I don’t remember what happens after that.

Maybe it’s for the best.