#36 - An angel with a sense of mercy

Comic #036

Too Obscure For You?

What’s that? You recognize that ceiling? It’s true; the ceiling comes from one of the most influential animes of our time, Neon Genesis Evangelion. The person in the bed is usually Shinji “I hate my life” Ikari, the last savior of the human race in the year 2015. I’d love to give you a plot summary of the whole Evangelion series, but you don’t have enough time, and I don’t have enough cocaine.

Okay, so maybe you just don’t have enough time. Still, if you rented Akira and thought was pretty high on the wierdness factor, go pick up a copy of Evangelion. You’ll have to recalibrate your scale, to quote Agent J from Men in Black, “That ranks about a 9.0 on my Wierd-Shit-o-Meter.”