#38 - The Wrath of Noelle

Comic #038

Too Obscure For You?

Anybody who can recognize the anime I featured knows why being crushed by an airliner isn’t as bad as having to deal with the girl with the halo on her head, Noelle. Mister Wolf Spider, JR, I’m looking at you. The anime series is called I want to be an Angel!, but I have dubbed it “Brain Destroying Angel Girl.” It’s an unwanted-guest anime, where the house of normal schoolboy Yuuske is invaded by this insufferably perky girl, Noelle, and her Adams Family style, uh, family. It is, by far, the most insane anime I’ve ever seen. Puni Puni Poemi may be whack, but this is nuts. Just watch it once. You’ll immediately appreciate all the other anime you have in your collection. Incidentally, I’m anxiously awaiting the second DVD.