#68 - It's coming right for us!

Comic #068

Too Obscure For You?

The Mexican Staring Frog? It’s from southern Sri Lanka, or the endless insane ramblings of South Park. The Mexican Staring Frog (I keep typing Mexical by accident) is so lethal, just looking at it causes you to go catatonic. So when Jimbo and Ned, stars of South Park’s number one hunting and killing show (“Huntin’ and Killin’ with Jimbo and Ned”) go out to see the elusive frog, Ned gets a glimpse and goes stiff. Little does he realize it’s a stuffed doll, prank courtesy of Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny.

And why would racoons drop money? Savannah’s talking about Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus, a brilliant cel-shaded platforming game for the PS2.

Something strike you odd about having nine inch nails? This is a nod to the more gaming savvy: Nine Inch Nails did a track (or was it the whole soundtrack?) to id Software’s original Quake. You’d recognize this because of the keyword “gib,” meaning to explode your enemy into many fiery giblets. Mmm, fatality.

Have you heard of Coral Blue No. 2 lipstick before? Spongebob was wearing it at one point… creepy…