#99 - Race to save inanity

Comic #099

Too Obscure For You?

Why is that guard so upset about the destruction of the Breeze Fortress (besides the obvious reasons)? He’s probably thinking about the vicious spat between Hard|OCP and Infinium Labs, now only a fading memory as the Xbox 360 and PS3 steal the spotlight. The whole debacle is quite an entertaining read. Makes me pine for the days of Derek Smart, you know?

I wonder if anyone else recognizes that grassy courtyard with the terrifying dogs from Resident Evil 4.

Okay, so I’m being rather harsh with Advent Rising. In reality it’s a mildly ambitious sci-fi third person shooter that was clearly rushed out the door. The developers had a lot of good ideas and implemented them fairly well, but the extra layer of polish is noticably missing. I love the lunatics on the Advent Rising Forums who say this game is 100% perfect, with very few dropped frames, then compare its quality to that of Halo’s. Make no mistake: Halo had a lot of problems, but overall polish was certainly not one of them. Halo was a tight game… that you played through twice, because it would only be four hours long if you didn’t go through each map twice.