#30 - My friends call me Padan Fain

Comic #030

Too Obscure For You?

Warning, Wheel of Time current and potential readers! Minor spoilers ahead! Orideth, aka Padan Fain, is one evil mofo. I’m not quite sure how, but he’s connected to the corrupted city of Shadar Logoth, which was once called Adrihol. Hundreds of years ago, Adrihol’s hatred of the Shadow and suspicion of its neighbors began to turn inward. The city devoured itself in evil, and now even Shadowspawn fear to enter Shadar Logoth, the place “Where the Shadow Waits.”

Mat Cauthon was foolish enough to pluck a dagger from the treasure in Shadar Logoth. With that beacon of evil pulsing at his side, he and Rand were chased by Darkfriends until the curse was removed. Mat suffers some amnesia from the incident, however these holes have been filled by military memories of the past, like he memorized everything on The History Channel or something.

Those of you who are not human dictionaries might want to consider consulting an online reference when faced with fictional last names that don’t make sense.