#32 - Never leave home without it

Comic #032

Too Obscure For You?

The speech Domon is giving is indeed from “Hamlet.” It’s Laertes, talking to his sister Ophelia. It means… that is, it says that… he… no, she…

Forget it. Much as the IB program taught me to relish Shakespeare, after three years it’s like reading another language. The words look familiar, but putting meaning to them requires a trip to an enhanced, non-existent Babelfish.

The sound of Cloud and Squall singing is truly the most horrifying thought anyone can conjure up. Especially because none of us have heard their voices, but that doesn’t mean my imagination can’t assault me anyway. I remember getting ready to play FF8, thinking that Square couldn’t make the hero more of an asshole than Cloud was. Oh, how I hate being wrong.

My American Express reference is another nod to the fantastic Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches. Cliche number 56, to be precise. At least in Chrono Trigger you had that prehistoric world where you had to trade for your goods.