#43 - All righty then

Comic #043

Too Obscure For You?

Oh, how I love the movie Ace Ventura. It stands as a monument to 12 year-olds everywhere, that a man can talk out of his butt and get laughs. In the movie, Jim Carrey’s character has to investigate the disappearance of Ray Finkle, a (imaginary) place kicker for the Miami Dolphins. When Carrey arrives at the house of Ray’s parents, he uses the same line Kavian does in the fifth panel. Ray’s father smoothly draws a shotgun and points it at Carrey’s face, at which point Carrey needs a new pair of shorts.

Immediately after that little obscurity is an even obscurer(er?) reference. It’s the bad guy Candle Jack, from the nutso cartoon Freakazoid. Candle Jack is a bogeyman who would tie up little children and kidnap them, but only if they were foolish to say his name out loud. Candle Jack was featured alongside a technology known as “Scream-o-vision,” where the TV would alert you when to scream. Thus, one of the children at this summer camp would say “Candle Jack,” the named bogeyman would appear, and the screen would go black with the word “SCREAM” in big white letters. You (and some woman they hired for her vocal ability) would then scream. An announcer would then say “And now back to our show,” and the show would continue. I loved Freakazoid. All of you closet Freakazoid fans (you may or may not know who you are) can join me running around with our arms outstretched in front of us.