#51 - Lysandra: Part II

Comic #051

Too Obscure For You?

Straining to tilt your head 90 degrees counterclockwise? That figure with the long hair is Chi of the new anime Chobits. She’s a computer shaped like a young girl, paired with the naive Hideki, who appears to be living the life of a hentai game protagonist… minus the rampant sex (at least so far). And Kavian wants what everyone else wants in a certain MMORPG… he’s just asking the wrong people.

Those of you with an advanced graphics application and some spare time will be able to figure out the yellow text. It is indeed a continuation of the joke at the beginning of Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs.

Kavian’s weekend deadline comes from the Officer Marge episode of The Simpsons. Chief Wiggum says something to this effect: “You can’t become a police officer overnight. It takes a solid weekend of training in order to earn this badge.”

I know it’s getting a bit late to make the joke about Duke Nukem Forever taking forever, but I just couldn’t help myself. In all seriousness, I’m willing to wait as long as it takes for that game to come out. But 3DRealms, if Duke Nukem Forever doesn’t make Half-Life 2 look like Gods and Generals (the game), you’re in trouble.

Something wrong with double-dipping the chip? Seinfeld, of course, is the original source for that joke. Savannah realizes the problem with demanding a ransom and then stealing the money that would be put toward that ransom. Stay tuned for the intriguing conclusion to the Lysandra Trilogy.