#50 - Lysandra: Part I

Comic #050

Too Obscure For You?

What is Kavian babbling about in the first frame? He’s quoting, unnecessarily, from the 1999 movie The Matrix. Savannah doesn’t have the patience for his shenanigans, and takes him to task. Or kicks his ass. I forget which.

And in the second frame, who is that guy about to get killed? He’s the assassin, silly, the one hiding behind the lamp. The guy doing the killing is Dragonball Z’s popular angry guy Vegeta. Never watched a Dragonball Z episode before? Let me give you a synopsis of how they go.

PICCOLO: Ugh… uh… uh… ugh…

It continues like that, pretty much forever. The show will go on as long as there are fans of big muscles, choppy animation, and villains with names you’d find in a children’s book. In other words, forever.

What’s the problem with the Guild of Greco-Roman Actors? Let’s see… they have to re-enact Oedipus or Elektra, depending on their gender. Which means marrying your mother and killing your father, if you’re a guy. Think how inbred the family/troupe would become after so long. Shudder.

Lots of obscurities today. In the big center panel, Kavian describes a wedding as a happy occasion, quoting (yet again) from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It comes from a similar wedding scene, where the father of the groom is trying to quell the guests, some of which have been impaled by Sir Lancelot.

Finally, do you know a lady with tusks and an uncaring mother?