#55 - The $$60,000,000,000 Woman

Comic #055

Too Obscure For You?

Who is “la blue girl?” That would be Miko Mido, heir to the Miroku Clan and skilled sex-ninja. She is the poster girl for erotic japanese animation known as hentai. La Blue Girl is part of the “tits-and-tentacles” subgenre of hentai; the conditions in Japan frowning upon the display of male genitalia mean that women in these shows are raped by otherworldly demons instead of regular men. It’s not a pretty sight.

Do you find it a little bizarre that the word “KNIVES” would be scrawled on a city wall? Savannah, my resident anime expert, doesn’t think so. Knives is the bad guy from the anime “Trigun,” and Vash the Stampede is his brother and the show’s hero. Rather the bloodthirsty one, Knives sees himself as superior to humans and tries to exterminate the lot of us. Vash opposes him, but has sworn himself to never kill a single living creature. How do you stop a single-minded murderer without killing him? The surprisingly thoughtful “Trigun” deals with complex issues like that.