#57 - Sing it, space cowboy

Comic #057

Too Obscure For You?

Today’s comic is brought to you by the letter A, as in “AAAAUGH I have a splitting headache!”

Who is just watching a bad dream from which he’ll never wake up? That’s Spike Spiegel (off camera), star of the wildly popular anime Cowboy Bebop. His eyes are different colors because one watches the past and the other watches the present. He had an operation on one of ‘em, if I remember correctly. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out which episode Spike’s line (or a variation on his line) in this comic comes from.

What’s that song Kavian is… uh, singing? It’s a modification on “Gotta Knock a Little Harder,” also from Cowboy Bebop. I’d love to host the file on my server so you can listen to it, but I get the feeling that I’d get sued before I could even put up the link. What better time to hit up Kazaa, eh?

And who is Mrs. O’Leary, and why would her cow cause problems? She’s a rather famous woman, although it turns out her involvement with the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is more of an urban legend than a hard fact.