#64 - Part of a balanced breakfast

Comic #064

Too Obscure For You?

What are all these cereals? Aerimus is interrogating a kid who likes Apple Jacks, which is reported to not taste like apples. Who knows what it tastes like, then? They should make a cereal called “Poop Jacks” under the same slogan and see how well it sells.

Second on the list of cereals is Honeycomb. Children who enjoy that cereal turn into these three-foot furry wild beasts and scream “Me want Honeycomb” while attacking the camera crew. It’s a dumb gag, having long since worn out its welcome.

In between the cereal jokes is a reference to the anime “The Big O.” In this show there’s Roger Smith, the most deadpan lead character since Joe Friday from Dragnet. Roger Smith has a giant art-deco robot, called Big O. Whenever Big O turns out, his screen reads “Cast in the name of God… ye not guilty.” Then Roger takes his dual joysticks and screams, “Big Oooooh! Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowtiiiiiiiiiiiiime!” By that point, Vegeta has finished powering up.

Finally, why does Aerimus attack the armor salesman? It’s not a directive from Savannah; he heard the guy mention “tricks,” and he’s convinced it’s that silly Trix rabbit in another disguise. The premise of all the Trix commercials is that the Trix rabbit will dress up to fool a bunch of kids and get his hands on some Trix cereal. But before you can say “those meddling kids,” his disguise falls apart and the kids triumphantly announce, “Silly rabbit! Trix is for kids!” Trix is by far the best cereal of the three, being honest about its contents (100% sugar) and having an animated mascot who isn’t annoying or terribly derivative.