#65 - That's a lot of eagle

Comic #065

Too Obscure For You?

A suit made entirely out of eagles? More likely it’s a car made entirely out of eagles, from the show “Futurama.” Amy, the rich Asian girl from Mars, went to buy a new car. Ever the novice, Amy falls for the expensive car that has eagle-stuffed seats, and “some eagles under the floorboards.”

Also, why would a herring infest a shrubbery path? It’s a reference to the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” definitely a top 5 comedy film of all time. The Knights of Ni (ecky ecky ecky p’kang zwoop boing, right?) demand that King Arthur bring them a shrubbery if they (King Arthur’s party) wish to live. It should be a nice shrubbery, not too expensive, and it should have two levels with a little path running down the middle. Arthur and company return with the shrubbery, only to be told their next task is to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with… A HERRING! They escape the Knights of Ni by floundering around with the one word the Knights of Ni cannot hear.

Not that they ever reveal it. (AAAAUGH!) I mean, they keep dancing around it (YAAAAHH!) How can it be such a big deal, anyway? (AYAAAAAH!)