#66 - They've really got my balls in a juicer

Comic #066

Too Obscure For You?

Did you ever wonder why there’s nobody else fighting monsters that isn’t (a) on your side or (b) an enemy? Seems to me that the world’s pretty balanced if you start off someplace like, say, Midgar or Narshe or Baron. Honestly people, just pick up a sword and HIT that missle-launching cottage! It’ll go down eventually, gold will spill out, and you’ll be well on your way to beating up the evil long-haired prettyboy.

The title of this comic comes from the Underpants Gnomes episode of “South Park.” Tweak’s father (who says the particular line, amidst many corny metaphors) runs a terrible coffee shop and is in danger of getting run out of business by the invading corporate giant, Harbucks. Thanks to the underpants gnomes’ chart: (UNDERPANTS –> ??? –> PROFIT) we learn that big business is really just an extension of small business. And Kenny gets squished like a bug. Bastards!