#72 - Kavian of Arabia

Comic #072

Too Obscure For You?

Who is Steve the shopkeeper, and why would his balls be in a juicer? Comic #66 should shed some light on that mystery.

More importantly, who is that blue knight in the middle of the desert? He’s Cecil the dark knight from Final Fantasy 2, a fine RPG if there ever was one. I’m reliving it on my PSOne, but it’s so terribly slow. Is there any way to overclock a PSOne? Sheesh.

I think I’ve made my confusion about Evangelion clear in the past, so moving on…

What would a boy, girl, and a small sprite (a magical creature, not a two-dimensional image) be doing in the desert? They’re from the Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana, one of the finest multiplayer RPGs in the 16-bit era. The new “Sword of Mana” is a horrible joke; how could they ship an action game where THERE IS A DELAY after you push the attack button? Come on Square Enix, get it straight.

If you don’t remember Elder Moe and Elder Lloyd, you may want to hit up the archives. Check chapter two for these characters.

And as for furries? I don’t have anything particular against ‘em (though Kavian does). You may want to visit Google for your facts, and SomethingAwful for your opinions.