#81 - Derek Smart, Derek Smart, DEREK SMART!

Comic #081

Too Obscure For You?

Why would Emmett Brown have a problem holding his alcohol, even if he hasn’t drank any? That would be the tipsy Doc Brown from Back to the Future Part 3. He spends what he believes to be his last hours in the Old West in a bar, telling disbelieving patrons about the wonders of the future. Marty arrives in time, but Doc downs one shot glass and hits the floor. I adored those movies when I was twelve.

SCO’s desire to sue all the world reminds me of that song by Camp Chaos that was about the RIAA, way back in the day. Here’s a random article from News.com about SCO suing two big Linux-using companies. I’m not an open source advocate, but this illustrates a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation with operating system licensing. Pay money to Microsoft to license Windows, or pay money to SCO to use Linux for free. I wouldn’t feel bad if the bottom fell out of the Linux world, but SCO’s lawsuit whoring has crossed ludicrous and gone straight to plaid.

Someone else was kind enough to document the entire Derek Smart cycle. Release game > sue publishers > sue people who review game > release unfinished patch > go into hibernation for two years > proclaim “Eureka!” and go hunting for another publisher who can’t recognize trouble when they see it.