#84 - I am the Weed Whacker in your Garden of Evil!

Comic #084

Too Obscure For You?

Elder Moe’s attempt to contact the divine through his 1 bit cereal bowl comes from the endlessly hysterical show Family Guy, where Peter sees a similar message in his bowl of Cheerios. Though I should note that Elder Moe is actually eating Hero-ios.

Bushroot is a villain from the ancient cartoon Darkwing Duck. He was the recipient of Darkwing’s Weed Whacker intro line, now immortalized as the title of this comic.

Surely you know Tux, the Linux mascot. Vash the Stampede from the anime Trigun is the equally terrifying Humanoid Typhoon, who has sworn to never kill. I meet so many people who say “Oh yeah, I love Trigun!” Then I ask them how many episodes they’ve seen, and the answer is usually somewhere in the single digits. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trigun, but you have to see the whole thing in order to really make a judgement. DBZ it is not. Dian Keto is someone I’m not terribly familiar with. Searching for him, however, brings up many relevant links.

There needs to be a poll somewhere: What is the biggest laughingstock of the gaming inustry? A) N-Gage, B) Phantom, or C) Derek Smart? Interesting that a Google search on “Phantom console” brings up HardOCP’s article before Infinium’s website (proudly boasting that “The critics… will become CONVERTS”).