#85 - The Eighty-Fifth comic by Jordan Roher

Comic #085

Too Obscure For You?

What’s that claptrap spewing from Kavian’s mouth in the top row? He’s giving Savannah Peter Parker’s speech to Mary Jane from the movie Spider-man. I can’t believe MJ didn’t throw up while he was saying that. “You feel excited, terrified… you don’t really know how you feel.” Ugh. I never forgave Spidey for that.

The second row features another blockbuster movie ruined by a pointless romantic plot. Savannah’s giving Trinity’s speech to Neo at the end of the original Matrix. It was then that I realized how much Japanese influence the Wachowski brothers had soaked up: they’d clearly watched Love Hina, where a nerdy guy gets the perfect girl. Double ugh.

Finally, Savannah’s little women inside her head create a forest from, say, Kill Bill, featuring a similar death list. The title of this comic is about as inconsequential as “The Fourth Film by Quentin Tarantino.”