#92 - Choosy villains choose Jif

Comic #092

Too Obscure For You?

Warfarin: see also, rat poison.

What’s that death trap Kavian’s trying to send Lyssie to in the middle of the comic? He’s booking a one-way flight to the planet Crematoria from Vin Diesel’s summer blockbuster, “The Chronicles of Riddick.” How odd that a mediocre movie would receive a fantastic video game. What’ll happen next? Half-Life 2 going gold?

Who’s Dr. Seldon? That’s Dr. Hari Seldon, from Issac Asimov’s fantastic “Foundation” series. Seldon used the mathematics of psychohistory to plot out mankind’s future for at least thirty thousand years. For his characters, the best course of action in a crisis was to do nothing.

NCSoft really knows how to cover their bases. They release City of Heroes simultaneously with Lineage II. Where CoH is a romp of joy through your most precious super hero memories, Lineage II is a levelling treadmill with smooth graphics and gratituous elf panty shots.