#95 - The best a man can get

Comic #095

Too Obscure For You?

Why’s Lyssie so excited about a Diet Sprite when she just launched an airship? She’s remembering the Family Guy episode where Peter and the gang take a depressed Brian to a laser rock show. While we learn a bizarre lesson about binary code, Peter slips on a pair of virtual reality goggles, extends his arms excitedly and exclaims “I’m flying! I’m flying!” Cut to Peter imagining himself flying in a passenger jet, asking the stewardess for a Diet Sprite.

That horrible doughy mass is the character Francine from the otherwise acceptable Fox show American Dad. At first I hated it, finding the characters, plot and jokes just scraps from a Family Guy writing session. Then I realized that this has to be the first show that actually gets funnier the more times you watch it. Yes, on first glance it sucks. But the stupid thing grows on you like a fungus. It’s no Family Guy, but it makes for a fine transition into the mediocrity of all other shows on TV right now.

In naming this comic I imagine the blades of the airship made from the Gilette Mach 3, the shaving implement with the best commercials ever conceived.