#94 - Guessing games

Comic #094

Too Obscure For You?

Surely you’ve heard of Fark? They don’t call themselves a news site, though that’s precisely what they are. Much like Google News, Fark links to stories on news webpages around the world. The interesting thing about Fark is that (much like the Daily Show) they have a sense of humor. Articles are summarized in one line, categorized, and linked. And they have comment sections and Photoshop contents. When a regular Fark Photoshopper has nothing to contribute to the current topic, he (or she… nah, who am I kidding, it’s all lonely men) will unhelpfully post an image reading “I’ve got nothing.”

“TCELES B HSUP” - heard that one before? It’s the riddle of the backwards-speaking brooms from Final Fantasy 1. If you pushed B-SELECT while on the overworld, you could view a map. I’m currently running through FF: Dawn of Souls for the Gameboy. And I do mean running. The difficulty has been turned down to, uh, negative eleven.

“Move Zig” is another Internet classic that I don’t have nearly enough time to explain. It’s one of the easily missed lines from the ALL YOUR BASE video.

Have you ever had to wait in a line? Say, at the grocery store, post office, or electronics store? Doesn’t it make you mad that something you’re paying for is making you wait? Of course not! You’re a reasonable human being and understand that lines are necessary to prevent utter chaos. World of Warcraft shipped with queues on the most crowded servers, and very few players actually bothered to do the reasonable thing and play on another server. Instead, they flocked to the forums like spoiled children, demanding that Blizzard somehow magically make their servers hold more people than is electronically possible. It was hilariously depressing.