#34 - No need for Kavian!

Comic #034

Too Obscure For You?

You probably think I’m going to explain what those mystery women are doing overshadowing Lyssie and Savannah. Well, you’re wrong. This is one joke that I actually don’t feel like spoiling by explaining it. If you do some research, however, you might learn something about those two ladies. If you do know who they are, you will (a) know what to expect, and (b) be wrong in countless ways (thanks Roger!) There are plenty of cliches in this comic, but the romance is not one of them. If (at the end of all this) you can find a similar relationship on some webcomic somewhere, I’ll give you a dollar.

Yu-gi-oh, however, I will comment on. Initially I thought it was just a pointless combination of Pokemon and Card Captors. There’s our bifurcated hero, Yugi, somehow the greatest player in the popular card game Duel Monsters (winner of the most coma-inducing name ever). There’s his grandfather, stolen by the bad guy (called The Golden Eyeball, or something), inventor of Duel Monsters. And you get a plucky crew of adventurers based on the FF7 mold, helping Yugi in his quest to save his grandfather, figure out his mystery Millennium puzzle, and probably do something nasty to Mr. Eyeball. I’m bored just reading my own description.

But when you really watch the show, it turns out that it revolves around the card game more than Pokemon revolved around its big draw (the questionible sexual orientation of Brock). Yugi goes up against these smirking, harshly angular opponents and beats the living crap out of them using just a deck of cards. They pull out a Blue Eyes White Dragon and have it attack Yugi’s Ham Sandwich of Terror, or whatever, and Yugi says in this dramatic voice, “That may be, but I have Eyes of Lightning in play, reducing the damage of your Blue Eyes White Dragon (they never shorten the monster names) by half. I’m also going to play the Deadly Pork card in attack mode, giving my Ham Sandwich of Terror fifteen times its attack power. And if my luck is strong, then you’ve also just wet your pants.”

I know several people who are hopelessly addicted to that card game, happily admitting that they will forfeit their food budget for another pack. Not me, though. I would never spend money on a reckless habit like that. And certainly not all in the same month.