#75 - The mechanical life-form, Kavian No-Brain

Comic #075

Too Obscure For You?

Why would humans come with Varia suits? For protection against extreme heat and acid, for one thing. The Varia suit is a staple of Metroid games, surely the finest combat platform games you can play in the palm of your hand. That’s Samus Aran in the middle-right, from Super Metroid.

But who’s that knightly figure in the lower right, and why is Kavian having premonitions about a cave and earth orb? That figure is Cecil the Paladin, and Kavian is thinking back to FF2, when you had to defeat the Dark Elf to get the Earth Crystal. The deal is, however, that you couldn’t use metallic weapons while in the cave. Personally, I just stripped my party members down to their shorts and ran ‘em through the cave, monsters be damned.